700 Bliss is the collaborative dream of friends Moor Mother and Haram, a product of the two artists' many inspirations: rap, noise, club, and world folk music. Moor Mother and Haram have been collaborating since 2014, playing experimental and improvisational sets exclusively in their home base and musical community, Philadelphia. With no two performances ever manifesting themselves in the same way, the freedom of expression that 700 Bliss enjoys is an inspiration to disregard the traditional rules of music production and lyricism. Indeed, each 700 Bliss performance is a mixture of rap, beats, and live sound manipulation with distortion, modulation, and wailing hardware. With their debut ep, Spa 700, 700 Bliss bring us an offering of anxious rhythms of layered sounds balanced with delicate and eerie beats containing samples and  found material that work to create previously unheard melodies that propel lyrics of struggle, subjugation, and social alienation in an unjust world. Despite the miles that the duo have traveled as solo artists, 700 Bliss has largely remained close to the heart of Philadelphia, but no longer; Spa 700 was released Feb. 23rd by Halcyon Veil and Don Giovanni Records.



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