RAGE RADIO is a DIY multi-genre radio show curated by Haram, it showcases live studio performances and dj mixes from touring and local musicians. RAGE highlights underground east coast cultural influencers and contrasts rage across genres -- club music and other electronic dance music, hip hop, punk/hardcore, etc. Often features live interviews/discussion. RAGE RADIO was broadcasted live from WKDU 91.7FM Philadelphia from September 2017-March 2017, the program continues with a residency at Rinse FM London beginning in February 2018.


RAGE RADIO no.1 3/23/17: Saturn, Alexander, baby,com, BBA

RAGE RADIO no.2 4/24/2017: Pierce Jordan, Geesissy, BbyGrl, Bearcat

RAGE RADIO no.3 6/26/2017: 700 bliss, stud1nt, andre altrez, marcelline, dj aura

RAGE RADIO no. 4 7/28/2017: thoom, quest?onmarc, dj delish


RAGE RADIO no.6 9/19/2017: precolumbian, M|GHTHAUNT, dj taybanga

RAGE RADIO no. 7 2/4/2018: Itsi, Ducky Dynamo, Andre Altrez & Alli Logout

RAGE RADIO no. 8 3/4/2018: THEAKASHA, oldyungmayne & Melanin Free

RAGE RADIO no. 9 4/1/2018: Ice Cream Social, Dj Haram

RAGE RADIO no. 10 5/6/2018: Matthew Law, BESHARAM b2b Dj Haram

RAGE RADIO no. 11 6/5/2018: EDGESLAYER, bb basura b2b Dj Haram

RAGE RADIO no. 12 7/4/2018: Dj Sphinx, Bastiengoat b2b Dj Haram

RAGE RADIO no. 13 8/6/2018: Hi$TO, ronnie vega

RAGE RADIO no. 14 9/5/2018: with est0c, Dj Haram

RAGE RADIO no. 15 10/5/2018: with Kayy Drizz, Dj Haram